Creating and Managing Tasks

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One of the primary reasons to adopt a CRM is to prevent important tasks from falling through the cracks. Apto makes it easy to stay on top of the day's most pressing tasks while keeping an eye on items due in the future. There are three places where you can add a new task, allowing you to create one from any location in Apto:

  1. The Activity Log

  2. The Global Actions button

  3. The Task tab on your navigation bar


When you create a new task, you are given a number of fields to populate:

  • Subject: You can select one of the options that comes with Apto, or write in your own subject line

  • Assigned To: This will default to you. To delegate a task, simply remove your name from the line and your teammate's name to search for and assign a task.

  • Status: The completion status of your task

  • Type/Subtype: Set what type of action this task requires

  • Due Date: When this task is due

  • Priority: Set importance. High priority tasks will display with a red flag next to them on your home screen

  • Related To: You can relate tasks to your records in Apto, such as a Deal, Company, or Property

  • Name: If this task is related to a specific Contact

  • Comments: Write yourself any additional notes you will need to complete this task in the future


Using the Tasks Tab

The Tasks tab allows you to manage and view all of your tasks. Apto comes with many different Task List Views to help you quickly sort your tasks by criteria including Today’s Tasks, Delegated Tasks, and Overdue Tasks.

To default to a specific Task List View that you use most frequently, simply select it from the the List View menu, and click the Pin located directly to the right.


You can also create your own Task List View, such as Tasks Related to a Deal. For more information about creating List Views, please reference Creating Lists and Filtering Data.


Recurring Tasks and Task Reminders

To set a recurring task, click on the downward arrow on the Tasks tab, or click New Task from within the Tasks tab itself.

Click the checkbox labeled “Create Recurring Series of Tasks and select your Frequency, Repeat schedule, and Start/End Dates.

Creating Tasks here also allows you to set a Reminder for the task - helpful for important calls you want to prepare for!




Next, learn how to log your activities in Apto.

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