Logging Activity

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The primary way to record interactions with your Contacts is through the Activity Log located on the right hand side of the page on your Companies, Contacts, Properties, and Deals records. Under the Activity Tab there are four sub-tabs:

  • Log a Call: The primary way to log all interactions you have with your contacts - which can include meetings, property tours, phone calls, etc.

  • New Task: How to create yourself a follow-up task or a to-do reminder

  • New Event: This tab will allow you to create calendar invites directly from Apto if your email integration has been set up

  • Email: Allows you to send an email directly through Apto without having to leave the system

To log an interaction you’ve had with a Contact, click on the Recap your call… field, or the Add button.


The page will expand and allow you to fill out a number of different pieces of information:

  • Assigned To: This records who logged this particular activity

  • Subject: A brief description of what type of activity this was (you can write in your own subject if the options that come with Apto do not apply; Example: Golf)

  • Due Date: The date this activity occurred

  • Related To: This allows you to relate an activity to another record within Apto, such as a Property or a Deal

  • Name: The name of the Contact you’re logging the activity to; if you’re not logging the activity to a contact, you can leave this field blank

  • Call Result: If this activity is a phone call, this field allows you to track the result of your outreach

  • Comments: A free text box that you can record any notes that you’d like to reference in the future

  • Marketing Phase: This is for creating a Marketing Activity Report for a Deal; please reference the Marketing Activity Reports article to learn more!

After filling out the necessary information, click Save.

Apto saves these activities in chronological order below the Activity Log. From here, you can reference these activities by selecting the “Expand All” button. If you have a lot of activity logged under one record, you can use the Filter button to search by specific activity type or date range.




Next, learn how to create and use Contact Groups to better sort your contacts.

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