Using Chatter for Team Collaboration in Apto

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What is Chatter?

Chatter is a real-time collaboration tool, located on each of your records, that allows you to talk to your teammates, share updates and information, and allows you to communicate much more efficiently than through email.

You can start communicating with your teammates by using the @ symbol to send them notice that you’ve posted. Your teammate will receive a notification that they've been tagged in a post via the Notifications bell in the top right corner of Apto.

You can attach photos and files to your posts, create a bulleted list, and change your formatting by using buttons located under your message. Once you’re ready to post your update, click Share.


Following Records & Chatter Feed

Have a number of records you would like to see updates from in one place? Enable the Chatter Feed on your home screen to get a real-time feed on updates and edits to the records you follow.

To follow a record, you simply need to click into the record and select the “+ Follow” button located on the top right of the record page. Below is an example of a Chatter Feed on your home screen.


Using the Chatter Tab

The Chatter tab is located in your navigation bar at the top of the Apto window (near the "Home" and "Tasks" tabs). On the left side of the Chatter tab, you will see view for specific feeds of information:

  • What I Follow: The latest updates to each of the records that you follow.

  • Bookmarked: Shows you any records that you’ve bookmarked - useful for when you need to revisit a specific record.

  • Company Highlights: Shows you the most popular posts across your organization and the posts with lots of comments, likes, and views.

  • My Drafts: Shows posts that you’ve written but not posted yet. Drafts are saved automatically to My Drafts and are removed from My Drafts when you post them.


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