Creating Deal Parties and Offers

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Deal Parties

Connecting the Contacts and Companies that are involved with your Deals in Apto allows you to stay organized, collaborate effectively, and manage more opportunities at once. This Article will walk you through how to create deal parties and offers on a deal. 

  1. While viewing your Deal, scroll down to the Deal Parties section, and click New.

  2. Begin typing the name of the Company you are adding as a Deal Party in the "Company" lookup field. Click on the Company name when it appears below your text.



  3. In the "Contact" lookup field, begin typing the name of the Company to see a list of Contacts associated with that Company. Then, click on your Contact, and select their role in the Deal from the "Role" menu below. Click Save to add the new Deal Party.



Deal Offers

Keeping track of received Offers on your active listings is easy in Apto.

  1. Add Deal Offers to your Nav Bar for quick access.

  2. Click on New to log a new Offer on your Deal.

  3. Fill in the details on the offer.

  4. You can add a Deal Offers section to your Deal page for quick access. Click the gear icon in the upper left, select the Edit Object, and click Page Layouts.

  5. Click on Related Lists, then click and drag Offers below the text "Related Lists". You can position this above or below any existing lists of Objects related to the Deal. Click Save, then click Yes to confirm the Page Layout addition.

  6. Be sure to reload the Deals page to show the newly added Offers section.


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