Exporting Data Using Reports

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To export data, use the Reporting tools to produce the data set you wish to export to an external format - typically a CSV or XLS file for use in Excel or other spreadsheet software.


To demonstrate, we'll create a simple report that will display all of your contacts, and then export it. Note that your account will need the "View All Data" permission to view all Contact records.

  1. Click the Reports tab, then click New Report. Select Contacts from the list of report types, and click Continue.


  2. In the "Show me" field under the Filters section, select All Contacts. Set the birth date filter range to "All Time". Click the "Refresh" link above the report Preview to update your view.


  3. Add any fields you'd like to include from the Outline section in Columns (First Name, Last Name, Email). Click the "Refresh" link to see your changes to the preview.


  4. Click Run Report to produce the full report itself. Then, click Export Details. Select your export format, then click Export. Your export will now be downloaded to your computer.


Note: This report will only display the first 2,000 Contacts in your database. If there are more than 2,000 Contact records, they will appear in the exported document.

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