Finding and Modifying Reports

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Apto comes out-of-the-box with 120 different reports. You can quickly pull a report on common items, including listing activities, properties and their ownership, and contacts and their mailing addresses. On top of this, you can generate your own custom reports on anything being tracked within Apto.

Accessing Apto Reports

You can locate all of the reports Apto by clicking on the Reports tab.

Creating a Report

If you already know the type of report you would like to generate you can search the name of the report in the search bar. If you would like to create a brand new report, simply click on the New Report button top right of the Reports tab.

Editing and Exporting a Report

If you would like to re-filter or add additional pieces of data to your report, simply click on the Edit button located in the top right of the screen. From there you will be able to add and remove columns, as well as filters.

When you are ready to export your report, click on the arrow to the left of "Edit" at the top right of the report.


If the data you intended to see within your report does not show up right away, you'll want to check your report filters to ensure you are not filtering out the data you need. Click on the martini glass button, found in the upper right corner of the report, to access your filters. As an example, we'll review filters for the Contacts & Companies Report, shown above.

  1. Make sure that the “Show Me” filter is set to All.

  2. Verify that the “Created Date” filter is also set to All.

Different types of reports, such as activity reports, will show different options in the filters. If data is missing from your report, adjust these filters to include the most data possible as a first troubleshooting step.

When adding additional filters, make sure that you are using the correct operator. If you are only filtering by one item, set your operator to Equals. However, if you would like to filter multiple items, make sure that you have the operator set to Contains or Includes.


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