Marketing Activity Reports

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Long gone are the days of scrambling to find the latest calls, emails, tours, and offers you have received with regards to a listing. By utilizing Marketing Activity Reports within Apto you can provide valuable feedback and information to your clients when they ask, "What have you done for me lately?"


A marketing activity report can be found on your individual listings, as well as within the reports tab. If you only need to pull activities logged to a specific listing, it will be easiest to navigate to the individual listing in Apto to view your report.


If you would like to see every activity across all of your listings, you will want to click on the Reports tab and search for “Deals With Activities”.


Exporting Your Marketing Activity Report

When you are ready to export the report and send it out to your client, click the arrow next to "Edit" in the upper right corner of the report, and select Export.


For more information about logging marketing activities to your listings, see the video Logging Activities to Deals.



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