Creating Dashboards in Apto

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Apto comes out of the box with pre-created dashboards for tracking individual and team metrics. You can also build your own custom dashboards, using metrics from the pre-built and custom reports available in Apto.

Accessing Apto Dashboards


Click on the app launcher - the nine dots found in the top left of your screen. In the search bar that appears, type and click on “Dashboards”.

The Dashboards tab displays dashboards that are ready to use. Click on All Dashboards, then click on any Dashboard Name to review a pre-built dashboard.

You can create a new dashboard from scratch by clicking on New Dashboard in the top right corner of the Dashboards tab.

You'll be prompted to name your dashboard. Click Create. An empty grid will appear - click the +Component button at the top of the Dashboards tab to select metrics from your Apto reports to add as components to your custom dashboard.

Click Save in the upper right corner of the Dashboards tab when finished.

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