Tracking Activity for Specific Brokers

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From a managerial perspective, it can be important to keep tabs on the calls and follow-up tasks logged by your brokers. Within Apto there are a number of pre-made reports that will give you insight into this information.

Click on the Reports tab in Apto and search for “Calls by broker” direct above the list of reports to see Apto's various pre-built reports for broker activity. These will provide valuable insight into important KPIs.

This type of report is very commonly used during individual or team meetings to help coach and keep each broker in alignment with both team and company based goals.

Filtering Call Reports

You can narrow the time frame and type of activity you see within your Broker Activity report by tweaking a few filters. For example, if you want to look at all of the calls made within the last 30 days by a specific broker, your filters would look as follows:


Next, build a Dashboard to keep an eye on your most important data.

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