Modifying Picklists

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  1. From the Apto home screen, click the gear icon located in the upper right corner of your screen and click Setup.


  2. Click Object Manager in the upper left corner.


  3. The Object Manager displays a list of all Objects that exist in Apto. Find and click on the Object which contains the picklist you want to modify. In this example, we will be modifying a picklist in the "Contact" Object.


  4. Click Fields and Relationships in the left panel. Now you can see all the fields that are tied to the "Contact" Object. Click the name of the picklist field you want to modify.

    The rightmost column indicates the type of field. "Picklist" allows one item to be selected, while "Picklist (Multi-Select)" allows multiple items from the picklist to be selected at once.


  5. Scroll down to the panel labeled “Values”. This displays the currently active options in the picklist you are modifying. Click New to add additional options to the picklist.


  6. Type the new options you want shown in the picklist, with each option on its own line.

    Check the checkboxes next to the record types you want to make use of the new options you are adding. Since we are modifying picklists in the Contact object, record type refers to the category of Contact, such as "Broker" or "Landlord". This allows you to add new values to the picklist for specific types of Contacts, but leave other Contact record types unchanged.

    Click Save.


  7. Open a Contact (in our example), and scroll through the options in the picklist you modified to verify your changes have been saved.

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