Integrating SharpLaunch with Apto

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SharpLaunch users can integrate their listing websites with their Apto account, capturing all leads generated by the SharpLaunch contact form. These leads can be easily sorted for marketing and prospecting using Apto's list views.


Listing websites are created on SharpLaunch with a lead capture form at the bottom of the page. Once your integration with Apto is complete, this form sends its data to your Apto account automatically.


You will need a SharpLaunch account and an Apto account to enable this integration. Before completing setup in Apto, be sure to authenticate the connection to your Apto account in the SharpLaunch leads management settings.

Click here for instructions on SharpLaunch/Apto authentication


Creating Lists for SharpLaunch Leads

Once you have connected your SharpLaunch and Apto accounts, any leads captured via the contact form on your SharpLaunch listing websites will be added to Apto as a new Contact record. SharpLaunch generated leads will contain the name, email, and phone number from the contact form, as well as the URL from the listing page. All leads captured by this form will also have "SharpLaunch" as the Company Name in Apto.

To enable easy prospecting and marketing outreach, you can use Apto to create an automatically updating list of all leads produced by SharpLaunch.


1. To create this list, start in the Contacts tab.



2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner to open the "List View Controls" menu. Then, click New.



3. Type a name for your new list view - for example: "SharpLaunch Contact Form Leads". The List API Name will automatically fill in. Click Save.




4. First, we need to set up a filter to ensure we only view SharpLaunch generated leads in this list. In the Filters panel on the right, click Add Filter.




5. Use the following settings to filter for SharpLaunch leads:
-Set Field to Company Name.
-Set Operator to equals
-Set Value to SharpLaunch.

-Then click Done to set the filter.



6. Click Save to complete the filter process - your list now only shows SharpLaunch leads.



7. To complete setup of this list, customize the fields you want to see in this list view. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner, then click Select Fields to Display.



8. Select items on the left, and click the right arrow to move them to the list on the right (the fields actually shown in the list). Select the following items to show all information the SharpLaunch form captures and click Save.



9. Your list will now display all SharpLaunch generated leads:



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