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The listing website editor allows any new property website to be modified to your liking.


Creating and editing a listing website

Access to the website editor can be found in the Website tab of your listing. Selecting the Edit Website button will allow you to modify your website. 

Repopulated with your data

Information on your property webpage is populated with data you entered in the Property Edit Form. The Property Edit Form is the backbone of Buildout and the source of record for all of your listing data that powers all of your marketing materials. We recommend ensuring all necessary fields are complete on the Property Edit Form so your messaging is consistent and flows seamlessly to your documents, emails, property website, and so much more.

Default Sections

We created default sections to get you restarted. Sections include Description, Highlights, and Maps. 

Editing and adding new content

You can add new content such as text, images (including icons), videos, buttons, tables, and additional spacing (if needed) to your website. You can also edit the text styles by double selecting the text to change the size, orientation, etc.

To add new content, follow these simple steps:

    1. Select the blue + icon above or below any section.
    2. You will be prompted to select the number of columns you would like for this section's layout.
    3. Select the "Add Content to Column" box, then click the component you would like to add to this column.


Arranging sections and content

You can rearrange and add/remove sections by using the up/down arrows or trash icon. You can also hide a specific section from the top level navigation by selecting the pencil icon and checking “Hide this section in navigation.”


Additional content can be added by selecting one of the connector points and selecting the type of content you would like to add


Adjusting the website options

Easily edit the information in your property websites like adding a new text field:


Or removing unwanted tabs:


Or any other configurations:New_tab_and_more.gif

And of course undo or reset back to the original:

If you would like to add a banner at the top of your website, you can toggle the button under the Options section.

Show Banner

If you would like to add a banner to the top of your website, this can be toggled in the Options section.


Back to Search

If you would like to remove the back to search button from your website, this can be toggled in the Options section. 

Broker section

The style and naming of the broker section can be adjusted in the Options section. You can select which data types to display, as well as how the Broker profile photos are displayed.

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