Connecting Syndication Accounts

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Buildout has a built-in “Syndication” feature which allows users to share their listings with third-party listing sites. The primary broker on the listing will need to create an account with a listing site and connect it to their Buildout account. The additional brokers or collaborators on a listing won’t need to connect to syndication as the properties are syndicated on behalf of the primary broker on the listing. 


  1. Click on your name to go to your Profile Settings
  2. Navigate to Syndication tab to see all the available channels 
  3. Select “Connect Account” or “Sign Up Here”

For more information about the available syndication channels in Buildout, click here


Note: We have a few auto-syndication channels where your account will be automatically connected. This means you don’t need to manually connect or register for an account and your eligible, On-Market listings will automatically sync to the channels. Currently, our only auto-syndication channel is CommercialEdge (Yardi). If your company chooses to opt out of this channel, please contact our Support Team. 

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