Importing Data (Lite CRM only)

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If you are using the Lite CRM database feature, then you can send us your property, contacts, and company data in order to be imported into your database. This article outlines how to submit your data to be imported along with a breakdown of what happens behind the scenes once your data has been submitted. 


Your first step is to pull your existing data into a format we can import: either CSV (.csv) or XLS (.xls). Here are the sources we have experience helping customers with:

Each link on this list leads to resources (where available) on how to get your data into CSV or XLS formats.


Complete a thorough review of your exported data to ensure everything will be imported correctly and meet your needs once fully set up in Buildout.

We’ve identified some common formatting things to look out for during your review of

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Properties
  • Comps

More information can be found in Tips for Reviewing CRM Exports


After you’ve finished the review of your exported data to prevent import errors, upload your files to the Buildout Import Google Form.


Log into Buildout to review your imported data in your Database and make sure it meets your needs.

Check your contact, company, property, and/or comp records and—if applicable—review associations between your records.

If you notice anything that looks wrong, reply directly to your delivery email to let us know!

Our Workflow

Review & Validation

Your data file has been reviewed by a member of our team. A member of our team will clean, trim and perform basic column modifications. If your data requires advanced manipulation to successfully run through our importer, we may reach out via email to communicate questions or additional requirements.


The following action items are completed by Buildout during your import. 

  • Upload
    • A data file is uploaded to the importer and the applicable import types are assigned.
  • Map
    • Buildout fields are mapped to the columns of the uploaded data file
  • Preview
    • A preview of the data records is rendered. An audit is performed in each import type to ensure that contact, company, property records have been created successfully - along with verifying that any failed rows & duplicate records are true.
  • Run
    • Your data import is run and records are created in your database. A final QA is completed to ensure that all records & associations have been created successfully.

View our full process map at the bottom of this article.


Be on the lookout for an email from Buildout confirming your data was successfully imported.

There may be some rows from your data that failed or were skipped during your import. If this is the case, we’ll provide a CSV file of any of these skipped rows for you to review and fix before we attempt to import again.

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