How to syndicate listing updates to CoStar, LoopNet, and Crexi

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Note: this feature is currently only accessible to users who have "Can Manage Company" permissions enabled in Buildout. If you do not have that permission, contact your admin to discuss if using this feature will be a possibility for you.

Buildout has direct syndication partnerships with many of the top listing sites in commercial real estate (our direct Syndication partners can be viewed by navigating to the Syndication tab in Profile Settings). That being said, you may find that you are wanting to syndicate your Buildout listings to a third-party site that is not currently listed as a direct syndication, such as CoStar, LoopNet, or Crexi.

In such a case, you can use the feature described below to send your listing information to your site rep(s) to publish your new or updated listings.

Using the "Email Address(es) for CoStar Rep/Crexi Listings" field


In order to send your new/updated listing information to your syndication site rep, you will first need to enter at least one email address in the "Email Address(es) for CoStar Rep/Crexi Listings" button within the Company Settings page. If applicable, you may enter multiple email addresses in this field, separated by commas.

Once the field is filled out, click "Save Changes".

Using the "Send Rep Email" button


Once you've provided the syndication site email address, you should see a blue "Send Rep Email button" in the top-right corner of the Syndication tab under any On Market listing. Click this button to generate an email that contains all of the pertinent information needed for your syndication site rep. You will then see a pop-up window where you can edit the email addresses, subject, and message before sending.


When all looks good to go, click "Send" to officially send the listing email to the email address(es) recorded in Company Settings. From there, your rep should have the necessary information to manually post or update the listing to their site.

If you know of a syndication site that you think would be a great fit with Buildout, please have them reach out to us directly at

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