ProspectNow and Rethink Integration

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ProspectNow and Rethink are now integrated, providing an efficient prospecting workflow and easy data transfer into your CRM. Now, you can seamlessly find and connect with likely sellers, and get more value from your new relationships and data by sending them straight to your CRM.

A brief tutorial video on setup and use is available here:

Start by logging into your ProspectNow account.


Click on Account in the upper right corner. Then, select My Account to view your account settings.


Next, click on the Applications tab, and to the right of “Rethink beta”, click on Connect to Rethink.


This will open the Salesforce login screen to access your Rethink account. Provide your username and password to continue.


Finally, Rethink will ask you to Allow Access for ProspectNow. Click the Allow button in the bottom right to make the connection.


Next, you’ll see a message indicating your ProspectNow and Rethink accounts are connected. You can close this page and then refresh your Account page to confirm the Rethink connection is established.


If you ever want to switch this connection off, click on Disconnect Rethink here in the Applications tab within your Account settings.

To use the integration, open ProspectNow, and begin a property search. Select a property from the map or the list and click on Get Contact Info.


In the Contact Information pop-up, you’ll see all recorded owners for the property and can narrow it down to current owners by clicking on the checkbox in the upper left.


Once you have contacted the owner and determined that you want to save their information (plus full information on the property they own), click on the blue Save to Rethink button.


The Contact and Property information will now be sent to your Rethink account. The ownership relationship between the contact and the property owner is automatically established. You’ll see a message indicating the information is being synced and a confirmation once complete.


To open the Property or Contact record in Rethink, click on the corresponding button beneath the contact information.


You’ll now be taken to a new Rethink tab, where you’ll see the complete Property record has been filled out with all of the information from ProspectNow.


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