Syndicating with RI Marketplace

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Partner Type: Auto Syndication 


Launch Date: October 2022

About RI Marketplace

RI Marketplace is backed by CW Capital, the largest CRE special servicer in the United States. They have both a listing site and an auction platform, which makes them Buildout’s first auction partner!

RI Marketplace syndication eligibility criteria

  • Sale listings only
  • United States listings only
  • All property types
  • Updated in Buildout within the last 6 months
  • Photo(s) syndication rights included with the listing


What is RI Marketplace?

A subsidiary of CWCapital, RI Marketplace is a leading commercial real estate sales platform that offers a traditional listing site and online CRE auctions. 

Who is CWCapital?

CWCapital is one of the largest CRE underwriters, special servicers, and asset managers in the US. RI Marketplace was launched in 2017 by a talented team of commercial real estate professionals whose goal was to create a better way for investors, brokers, and property owners to connect and efficiently list, market, and close deals online.

What can Buildout users expect to happen if their property has been identified as a good candidate for auction?

The RI Marketplace will proactively reach out to your brokerage if they identify a listing that is a good candidate for auction.

However, if you would like to inquire about submitting your property for auction, you are encouraged to reach out to the Marketplace team by emailing or calling 800.915.7015. Their team can provide more information about the auction process, and pricing feedback of a listing, and determine if their property is the right fit for an auction. 

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